Nice delivery dude.

I know its been a few months since I’ve written. And a lot has happened. I still have my morphine pump in me, but finally have a surgery date in Feb to have that SOB removed. ┬áI am only using norco as needed and lots of pot for pain management. My pain is in issue, my MRI shows progression. So one of the things my Dr’s recommended, is that I see a new neurosurgeon. I haven’t seen one in years, maybe there will be other options for me. Other alternatives than what I am currently doing or have tried.

I go to Sutter Medical center this morning, first time as a patient. I am seeing Dr. Fox in neurology, suite 501. I had about ten minutes to explain my life’s pain story, and with that info and only one recent MRI he came to the conclusion that not only will be not offer me surgery, but he has other patients with similar disc ┬áissues and they don’t have a morphine pump. That if I’ve tried all these other alternatives like injections, meds, physical therapy, pump implant etc etc and none of them offered me relief than what is the point of doing surgery?

So what you are telling me Doc, is the past 20 something years, I was just being dramatic?

Fuck you Dr. Fox. Nice delivery. There’s a lot of ways to say a person is fucked, but insinuating that this pain is somehow in my head makes you the crazy one.